Who Are We?

The Sikh Gramophone Project

Our Mission

For more than a decade, Dr. Lallie has researched the oldest known recorded Sikh music. By analysing available records, and discographies, Dr. Lallie identified and retrieved the recordings of Sikh voices dating back to 1903.

The Sikh Gramophone Project makes these recordings available to the public. The project shares the research, enables us to reinterpret and reposition our understanding of early Sikh music, and evaluate how Sikh music in the twentieth century has been influenced by the early musical pioneers.

The project will attempt to address questions such as who were the ragis (Sikh musicians) that were recorded? Where were they from? What were the reets (compositions) they performed? What were their experiences of recording this music?

Gurmat Sangeet Academy

GSA is a not-for profit school of Sikh music dedicated to raising awareness of Gurmat Sangeet kirtan (Sikh hymns) and Katha (discourse) through teaching, performances and outreach. Established in 1999, we provide professional music tuition in the Gurmat Sangeet genre of Sikh kirtan and instruments. At GSA you can learn stringed and percussion instruments including the Taus, Sarangi, Dilruba, Tabla and Jori.

Kirtan is a powerful musical medium, enabling us to connect with the Guru, inner divinity and to each other. Music is at the heart of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji (Sikh scriptures) and the Gurmat Sangeet genre of kirtan honours the legacy of our Gurus and their musical expertise. The Gurus used raag and taal (rhythm) to manifest the emotional complexity of Gurbani (Guru’s scriptures), helping us to connect with and understand their message.

We are passionate about sustaining Gurmat Sangeet heritage by engaging students with its history, characteristics and developing their musical skills in this genre. As well as teaching we host workshops, give talks and seminars and are involved in a number of projects helping the public experience and appreciate Gurmat Sangeet and Gurbani based raags.


Kirtan Fi

Kirtan Fi is the world’s first record label specialising in Hi-Res Lossless Gurbani Kirtan recordings.  Kirtan Fi records, mixes, masters and publishes primarily, live Gurbani Kirtan, ranging from big Kirtan Smagams (events) to private sessions (studio sessions) with individual Keertani and/or Jathas.  Kirtan Fi is jathebandi agnostic (non-partisan) to style / genre of Kirtan.  Such as Raag, Non-Raag, Akhand Kirtan, Western or Fusion.

Kirtan Fi is spearheading the future of digital Gurbani Kirtan recordings and not only looking forward, but also into the rich and beautiful historic past of Gurbani Kirtan.  Remastering of Puratan Kirtan (old Kirtan) recordings is an absolute must to help preserve our heritage, however, also to present to the world the history of Sikh Music and our Guru-given colourful heritage.

The opportunity to work on legitimately, the absolute definition of “Puratan Kirtan” recordings is beyond comprehension.  These never-before-heard recordings are an absolute treasure of the Sikh Khalsa Panth dating back as far as recording technology goes.